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The History Of Exotic Dancers

Like it or not; exotic dancing and the entire industry is here to stay. With a range of moral issues stemming from the industry and plenty of regal restrictions to comply with, it is a difficult industry to navigate through. There are legal issues, since exotic dancing and strip teasing is considered as a form or public nudity which means the laws around it are very complicated. Some of the laws include the need for exotic dancers, also referred to as strippers to stay 6 feet away from the audience when they are performing.

Exotic dancers perform on stage for views and should not be confused with a lingerie waitress whose sole job is to Another law prohibits viewers to touch the exotic dancers, but it is an open secret that during private shows, this law is commonly ignored. Some countries have completely banned the entire industry but the history of exotic dancing is interesting to say the least.The first evidence of exotic dancers were found in cave paintings discovered towards the south of France. These paintings are thought to have been done almost twenty two thousand years ago. Small statues of exotic dancers have also been found in regions like Bulgaria and Romania and have been noted to be around nine thousand one hundred years ago. These erotic dances were commonly done due to ancient beliefs that it would gain them the favor of the gods for reasons like fertility and higher production of crops. This belief was even in practice during the Greek and the Roman Empire. Visit this link for more info on lingerie waitress Newcastle/

Performed by priestesses, they were done deep in temples dedicated to the gods. There is evidence that points to the fact that the priestesses were hired based on their beauty. It was in the 14th century that evidence of exotic dancing was found in the Middle East. nowadays referred to as belly dancing, there was no nudity or stripping done in this dance form but it was done for the purpose of sexual pleasure was widely popular. It was here that audiences began the practice of tossing coins to the dancers, making it the first instance where women were paid for their dancing. It was not until the 18th century that erotic dancing moved on to Europe. In the 1800s modern day exotic dancing started and was known as strip teasing. A new trend began in circuses where women started incorporating strip teasing with pole dancing. What started out inside a circus tent then gradually spread into bars and has turned itself into a major industry in the world right now.

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