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Monthly Archive: April 2016

What To Do If You Are A Best Man


Is your best friend or brother getting married? You are no doubt over the moon with joy for them and are probably super excited about their upcoming wedding! This is your chance to tell all those stories about the good times you guys have had over the years – the ones where you would say ‘I can’t wait to tell this story at your wedding! If you have been asked to be the best man then congratulations! You are probably thrilled but if you are wondering what your duties entail we have got you covered!
Party planning
One of the major duties that you will have is to plan the bachelor party! There are plenty of bucks party ideas.
Remember when coming up with bucks party ideas that you ensure that every one has fun and that they all stay safe. While throwing a party at your apartment or going on a pub crawl may sound like great ideas, you could also look at cooler alternatives. Remember this is probably a fairly hectic and stressful time and perhaps organising something that lets you sit back and enjoy yourself is the way to go. For instance organise a fishing weekend or hiking weekend or go camping if you’ll are adventurous. If not organise a weekend by the beach or lake to kick back reminisce and have some good times. Do what feels the most fun, just make sure it is not on the same week as the wedding. You’ll will want to be well rested for that!
Give the speech
Yet another of your key best man duties is to deliver the best man’s speech at the wedding. If you’re worried about writing it or are suddenly faced with writer’s block have no fear. Start with a short anecdote about how long you have been friends and how happy and proud you are to be here at your best mates wedding. Tell one or two stories about your past antics – remember to keep them family friendly. Tell one or two jokes and try to avoid too many inside jokes that the majority of guests will not get. List some reasons why you think they will be happy and why you are happy for them. Keep your speech under five minutes if you can!
Protect the ring
It is very likely that you will be in charge of the wedding ring or rings. Protect them with your life! Put them in a deep pocket and keep your hand on them at all times until it’s time to hand them over!